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Our firm

CSF Consulting lawyers’ and Economists’ is a business consulting and law firm in Madrid capital and the Henares region, with more than 20 years of experience.

Since our inception as a business consulting firm in Coslada and San Fernando de Henares this project has grown by offering a personalised service of the highest standards to its clients. CSF Consulting provides a comprehensive consultancy service to companies and professionals, offering solutions that make us the best ally for the development of your business. Among our clients are medium and small companies, startups, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals.

Our firm has been recognised for its excellent service in areas such as tax and accountancy advice, employment law, corporate law, data protection, insurance law, intellectual property, real estate law and managing financing and business grants. With our clients we have been capable to adapt our work to the increasing internationalisation of companies. We have in our team multilingual professionals with very highprofessional language skills in English, Spanish and French, that advise Spanish companies willing to expand their business and foreign companies willing to work or establish in Spain.

The firm and our collaborators from the Iustime network also offer legal advice to individuals. We count with experienced lawyers specialised in the different areas of the law. CSF Consulting enables individuals from different countries to get access to specialists’ in civil law, employment law, tort liability, real estate law, immigration law, family law and criminal law, with the advantage of a fluent communication in the language of your preference.

It has always been a mark of our organization to give a service where the professional skills of our staff are coupled by the last technologies available in business management. Services such as legal and tax advice online, online accountancy or the online shop, allow the client to have a fast an effective solution to its problems. Our system of work facilitates control by the client of all their tax, labour and legal information and documents, reducing bureaucracy and giving the best possible engagement with the client.

Our team

Our team is composed by economists’, lawyers’, tax advisers, human resources experts and administrative staff that has proven experience in providing professional services to businesses and companies establishing their activities in Spain or willing to expand their activities into new international markets.

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CSF Consulting forma parte de la red de Asesorías iusTime

Pertenecer a una gran organización nos permite ofrecer a nuestros clientes las ventajas de la especialización sin renunciar a un servicio basado en las premisas del trato personalizado y la proximidad al cliente.

Esta integración, permite a nuestros clientes disponer de cobertura nacional e internacional con los más de 50 despachos de referencia, dotados de los más avanzados e innovadores medios técnicos y humanos.

Gracias a los más de 800 profesionales que formamos iusTime, nuestros clientes pueden disponer de opiniones contrastadas ante situaciones complejas, así como de un profundo conocimiento de las peculiaridades de cada sector gracias a las más de 20.000 empresas clientes con que contamos en nuestra red.